Edenton Point was crafted with a focus on three important elements: Relax, Play, and Stay.

Relax. From the beginning, we understood that potential buyers are looking for a relaxing, tranquil, and gentle environment in which to unwind. In effect, this is the antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life, and it is this which has informed the development of the unique community at Edenton Point.

Play. This was tempered by a recognition of where the development was located. This stretch of the North Carolina coastline is protected from the Atlantic by the Outer Banks, and forms a fascinating location in which to enjoy a variety of different aquatic sports. Factor in the range of hiking, biking, and horse riding options in the region, and you have a community with an emphasis on fun.

Stay. Edenton Point is not a holiday home development; these are residential properties in which families just like yours can begin writing the next chapters of their lives. This means Edenton Point must be practical, livable, and charming enough to cater for its long-term residents.

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1762 Ocean Hwy South

Edenton, NC  27932


Tel: (252)482-6099